Eben Louw


How do ESOPs Fit in, Fuel and Adapt to the Strategic Plans of Good Companies

Eben Louw, CPA, CA, is a Partner in MNP’s Abbotsford office. Drawing on more than two decades of experience, Eben delivers assurance and taxation services to clients across a broad range of industries.

Eben’s services include strategic planning, helping companies share profits and ownership with their employees, as well as succession services through MNP’s proprietary SMARTshare and ExitSMART programs.

Depending on his clients’ specific needs, Eben delivers programs and workshops in a variety of areas, including ownership and team succession, retirement planning for owners, and strategic goal-setting for senior leadership teams. He has been coaching clients and their families for years, helping them prepare and grow for the next step in their own transition. He firmly believes teams will achieve more if they plan ahead with a clear path for execution of the truly important aspects of their business.

Eben is a frequent speaker at industry events and was the author of a highly respected training workshop focused on successfully addressing the transition and leadership changes of key employees.

Eben was designated a Chartered Accountant (CA) in Canada in 2003 and in South Africa in 2002. He has Bachelor degrees in Accounting (Hons.), Commerce (Hons.) and Military Science and holds a Masters degree in Strategic Foresight. In a volunteer capacity, Eben is an elder with his local church and volunteers for the Abbotsford Food Bank.