Ask the Expert Roundtable Sessions

Picture of David Lahey

David Lahey

Predictive Success Corporation Founder and CEO

Join David to discuss Talent Optimization.

Jung ook Kim

Jung ook Kim

Rutgers University, SMLR (School of Management and Labor Relations) Louis O. Kelso Research Fellow, PhD Candidate

Join Jung to discuss his research on better understanding the effect of employee ownership on employees and the business.

Picture of Ramy Taraboulsi

Ramy Taraboulsi

VeritableSoft Innovations Managing Director and CEO

Join Ramy to discuss Artificial Intelligence and its impact on employees.

Picture of David Hildebrandt

David A. Hildebrandt

International Association for Financial Participation (IAFP) President

Join David to discuss employee financial participation.

Picture of Ramona Rodriguez-Brooks

Ramona Rodriguez-Brooks

National Center for Employee Ownership (NCEO) Outreach and Membership Coordinator

Join Ramona and Dean to discuss ESOP communications and culture.

Picture of Dan Ohler of ESOP Builders Inc.

Dan Ohler

ESOP Builders Employee Ownership Specialist

Join Dan and Perry to discuss your ESOP questions.

Picture of Dean Ell

Dean Ell

iQmetrix Corporate Controller & ESOP Administrator

Join Dean and Ramona to discuss ESOP communications and culture.

Picture of Perry Phillips of ESOP Builders. Inc.

Perry Phillips

ESOP Builders President

Join Perry and Dan to discuss your ESOP questions.

Picture of Andrew Day

Andrew Dey

Mowbrey Gil Business Advisory Services Inc. President

Join Andrew to discuss your questions about valuations.

Picture of Dean Psarras

Dean Psarras

Dale & Lessmann LLP Partner

Join Dean to discuss the legal issues involved in ESOPs.