Jung ook Kim

Rutgers University, SMLR (School of Management and Labor Relations) Louis O. Kelso Research Fellow, PhD Candidate “Data and employee ownership: Scientific knowledge, it IS your […]

David Lahey

Predictive Success Corporation Founder and CEO “Talent Optimization…. Predictive Analytics for the Millennial and others from Hire to Inspire” David is the founder of Predictive […]

Doug Anderson

Peavey Industries LP President & CEO “Broad-based Employee Ownership at Peavey Industries: Redefining the Retail Experience” Doug is the President & CEO of Peavey Industries […]

David A. Hildebrandt

International Association for Financial Participation (IAFP) President “Global Best Practices for Employee Financial Participation and Challenges for Small, Medium and Large Enterprises” The IAFP is […]

Ramona Rodriguez-Brooks

National Center for Employee Ownership (NCEO) Outreach and Membership Coordinator “How to Engage Employee Participation and Celebrate Your ESOP: An Interactive Session” The NCEO is […]

Graham G. Clow

Roscoe Postle Associates Chairman of the Board “Transitioning from a Major Engineering Company to an Independent, Employee Owned Consulting Practice” Graham Clow is a senior […]

Kris Reimer

Selkirk Signs Vice President of Sales and Marketing “Selkirk Signs ESOP Story” Throughout his career, Kris, has worked in various capacities of leadership, management, and […]

Seth Partridge

Intrigue Media Solutions Inc. Systems Integrator “The one thing you need to get right for Millennials before creating an ESOP” Seth’s purpose is to empower […]

Karen Letourneau

KeyLeaf Director, Global Business Process “KeyLeaf – From Government Funded to Employee Owned Entrepreneur (and Beyond)” Karen joined KeyLeaf (formerly POS Bio-Sciences) in 1990 and […]

Vanessa McQuade

Intrigue Media Solutions Inc. Client Service & Online Marketing Specialist “The one thing you need to get right for Millennials before creating an ESOP” At […]