Dan Ohler

ESOP Builders Inc.
Employee Ownership Specialist

ESOPs 101: The Why’s and How’s
and Conference Emcee

Why all the hullaballuh about ESOPs?

Because they work. They are the ideal business model to humanize and revolutionize our economy.

At ESOP Builders Inc., our mission statement is to make employee ownership one of the most rewarding decisions a business owner makes – benefiting the owner, employees, the business, and the community. That’s why we are Canada’s premier firm for designing, training and implementing Employee Share Ownership, and Stock Option Plans for small- and medium-sized privately held companies.

As an Employee Ownership Specialist with ESOP Builders Inc., Dan excels at meeting clients’ needs by designing custom-tailored ESOP transition plans. Beyond the technical components, he brings expertise in the human, or cultural component that makes an ESOP thrive. He is a certified coach with the International Coach Federation, a skilled communicator and facilitator, and is known for building high-trust relationships with business owners and employees.

Dan also provides post-ESOP coaching programs to ensure long-term sustainability, success, and happiness.